“What is the value of testing chatbots?” — A question that hits right in the heart of every passionate tester. Seeing it again in my inbox, it’s time to shed some light on this topic.

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First - Chatbots are Software

“Thank you, Captain Obvious” is what you might think. But in fact, that’s not that clear for everyone. Conversational AI, meaning chatbots and virtual assistants are Software programmes. And Software needs to be tested. This is common sense in the industry right now but it took us decades of time and billions of error fixing costs in production to learn it.

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Botmock is a conversation design platform that allows you to build up, visualize and to map out your conversation flow before you deploy it to a chatbot engine. You can use Dialogflow, Rasa or IBM Watson, it makes no difference as Botium supports all chatbot engines integrated with Botmock.

In the next scenario we connect Botmock Stack with Botium Stack using the Botium Botmock Exporter.

  1. The first logical step is to design your conversation flow in Botmock
  2. After your conversation is ready you have to deploy your script to a chatbot engine like Google Dialogflow using the Botmock Exporter (the…

One of the most frequent support questions we face is what edition of Botium Box to use: Community or Enterprise? Well, generally spoken both are awesome :=). But you have to consider that they are covering different needs. If you are stuck in between the choice of Botium Box Community vs Enterprise edition, this article is for you.

To start with, let’s figure out what is Botium Box, what is the Community edition and what is Botium Box Enterprise.

Botium Box in one sentence is Testing, Training and Quality Assurance for chatbots. …

Chatbots are cool. They are driving the industry like hardly any other topic these days and are considered to be real game changers.

Therefore it’s pretty easy to convince customers to implement a digital assistant. But, it becomes tricky when we’re talking about costs. To give serious numbers, customers have to do their homework first.

To get started, they have to answer the following questions…

Do you know your contact channels?

First of all, you should investigate all your contact channels looking for the real pain points. Topics to consider are…

  • Where are most of the requests coming in?
  • Which requests are coming again and again?

Christoph Börner

CEO & Founder of Botium

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